Currently due to the COVID19 pandemic, many people are suffering socially, mentally and economically. Malaysians are obliged to abide to Movement Control Order (MCO) announced by the government. Therefore, many of them have limited sources of food due to restriction for working. On the other hand, many had lost their jobs. People are struggling to survive and to feed their family.

As an initiative, we (iMoleC) had collected some fund from the members and acquaintances to buy food and distribute them to the community in Kuantan that are in needs. We have successfully reached 28 families. Dr. Redzuan Nul Hakim Abdul Razak is the person in charge for this community service project. In addition, we would like to show our gratitude to Mr. Mohd Safdi Abdul Manaf for his help in distributing to the needy families.

We hope that this small effort will help to lessen their burdens and help them to survive in this pandemic. May Allah accept our deeds.