Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) is a software designed to assist its users in analyzing data related to statistics. Therefore, this software is very helpful for quantitative research. However, Many of the students and researchers are facing difficulties in using SPSS software to help them in analyzing data for their researches. They are lack of understanding on how to use the software and how the software can benefit them in their research. 

Hence, iMoleC took an initiative to help them by organizing a seminar called “Biostatistics Seminar” that emphasized on the usage of SPSS software in analyzing researches data. We aimed to give an exposure how to analyze scientific data using SPSS software. We believe that this kind of exposure are essential for those who are involved in research field.

We successfully conducted the seminar on 1st March 2021. Google Meet had been used as a platform for the host and speaker to reach the participants. The seminar was attended by mostly, students, researchers and lecturers and it was delivered by a lecturer in Kulliyyah of Nursing, IIUM Kuantan Campus, Sr. Muzaitul Akma Binti Mustapa Kamal Basha. Alhamdulillah, based on the feedback that we got, most of the participants found that this Biostatistics Seminar was very relevant and helpful for their studies and researches.